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Mesin Emboss Dymo RHINO M1011 Metal Tape
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Mesin Emboss

The Rhino™ M1011 embosses 12mm non-adhesive stainless steel and aluminium labels that resist corrosion due to extreme weather, temperature, chemical, and UV exposure.

Lasting labels for the industrial environment are made easily with this tough cast-metal labeller. Features a front scissor cut-off and a built-in hole-punching device that makes a hole for hanging and tacking.

Imprints 12 mm wide metal tapes that withstand chemicals, extreme weather conditions, very high and low temperatures, salty water and abrasion. Great for tagging pipes, underground cables, greasy engine components, manufacturing equipment. Prints also on traditional DYMO vinyl tapes.


  • Prints on 12mm Metal & Vinyl tapes

  • Metal tapes are available in self-adhesive or plain aluminium or steel

  • is equipped with a hole punching device for easy hanging, tacking or nailing/screwing on wood or metal of the labels

  • create cable tie slots for cable marking.

  • a tape feeding knob (forward & reverse) helps to justify text on labels and reduces the length of the label if needed

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