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IDR 9400000.00

Specification of

Kabel Marker

It has 4 in 1 features:

It can be used directly with the PC as a printer.

It can also be used through Pen Drive.

It can also be used manually.

Its internal memory is 100,000 (One Lakh) Characters.

A hard carrying case (which is fitted with foam cushions inside it) with the machine.

Display is wide and backlit

Speed is 35mm/sec very high

Tube from 2.5mm to 8.00 mm ID can be printed from our LM550A

Font size and density of printing can be changed..

Very much easy to operate.

You can print on PVC and Heat Shrinkable Tube and Self Adhesive Label with this machine

Technical data sheet:


275 x 300 x 91 mm


2,3 kg

Printing method

Thermal transfer method(300dpi)


LCD dot matrix : 64 x 160Pixel (Backlit)

Printing speed

35mm/s(Standard) 20mm/s(Low temperature mode)

Character size

2, 3, 4 or 6 mm

Usable tube size

Ø 2,5 ~ 6,5 mm ((PVC, Shrinkable tube)

Usable tape size

Width 5,9,12mm (MAX genuine tape)

Internal memory

100.000 characters per file (max. 5000 per folder; max. amount of folders: 50)

External memory

USB memory


USB 2.0 full speed

Power supply

DC 12V, 3.3A [Use only specified AC adapter(100V-240V) included in the package. ]

Power consumption

max. 16W

Operating environment

10 to 35 degrees celcius


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