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Specification of lebeling canon

The MK1500 prints precise characters of up to 300 dpi for tubes, labels and more. With a large LCD display and automatic full and half-cutting, it offers smooth and easy printing from start to finish.

  • Automatic cutting/full-cut
  • High speed and fast output rate 25 mm/sec.
  • Various print patterns

Print speed: 25 mm per second

With a print speed of 25 mm per second, the MK1500 ensures fast and high-quality output, hence fulfillingall your requirements. When printing a 20 mm tube with 5 full-size characters and in consecutive print mode and with fast cutting, the MK1500 is able to deliver an impressive 35 pieces every minute.


Bright LCD display

Experience total ease of use with the printer's bright and large backlit LCD screen with a display capacity of 10 characters/line x 2 lines at full-width or 20 characters/line x 2 lines at half-width. All necessary information such as ink ribbon type and remai

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